What’s a Millennial Mom To Do?

Back in the day (also known as three years ago), when I was a carefree single girl in law school, I started a blog. I focused on my running journey and on cooking and eating gluten free, but also on my adventures as a twentysomething in New York City. This is also known as a Healthy Living Blog.


I had a fun two years writing about my life, especially when I was having fun going out to bars, restaurants, museums, and cultural events in the city (there’s not all that much “school” in the last semester of law school), when I was traveling the world after the bar exam, and when I started training for my first marathon while working full time. I loved sharing my adventures and experiences and connecting with other bloggers and readers. But then, life happened. My boyfriend became my fiancee, then husband, and we found out we were expecting our first child.


I was happy to share the details of my life when it was all about me, but I wasn’t sure if it felt right to share my family’s life in the same way. My husband and I are adults and we can make informed decisions about what to share online, but our son, who is now an adorable 7 month old, isn’t really able to voice his opinion. We decided it would be best to keep photos and personal information about him private, sharing only with family and friends. When he’s older he can decide for himself if he’d like his baby pictures to be searchable on Google. We won’t make that decision for him 🙂


That meant I needed a different direction for my blog. I read and respect a lot of blogs out there with authors who do choose to share their families with the world, and that’s awesome. But it also meant I wasn’t really sure what else to write about, if I didn’t want to go down that path. It was an open question, one I thought about while I was pregnant and that took a backseat to all the major life happenings like having a baby and keeping a tiny human alive on the outside.


Now, I think I have the answer. I’m a millennial mom. I’m passionate about educating others about topics that I’m geekily interested in, especially personal finance. It’s an area all new parents (and prospective new parents, and really all young adults) should be versed in, and one most avoid because it can be pretty boring. But co-workers of my generation often came to me with questions about saving and spending and 401Ks while I was working as a junior attorney at a big law firm, and it made me realize, if my friends and younger colleagues didn’t know about this stuff now, when would they figure it out? I’m hoping this blog will be a place with relatable advice for others of my generation, the oft-bemoaned Millenials. I’m also planning to share mom tips and advice that go beyond finances and budgeting, because while I’m no expert, there’s a lot I wish I had known about being a millennial parent – whether it’s taking or fending off unsolicited advice from your elders, or the big debates over aspects of parenting that you have no idea exist when you’re in your twenties and the first of your friends to have kids. I’ll also be sharing recipes easy for new moms to make, because I love trying out new treats and the preparedness motto for all moms is: always have snacks.



If that’s what you’re looking for, stick around for the next post. There aren’t going to be a lot of cute baby photos here – like I said, it’s my son’s choice to share those later in life. I plan to refer to my son as “Baby Bear” and my husband as “Papa Bear” to avoid getting too personal with the details, and also to make it easier for you, the reader, not to think of what I write as about me, but rather how it relates to you. But there will be a lot to learn if you’re in the same boat as me, or think you might be someday soon.





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  1. This is excellent insight. It’s refreshing to hear parents respecting their kids’ privacy before they have a say. Also, snacks are always necessary for both the babies… and the mamas. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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