About the Author

Welcome to Millennial Mama Bear! I’m Alyssa, the author of this blog, a 26-year-old mom (“Mama Bear”) living with my husband (“Papa Bear”) and our adorable 8-month-old son (“Baby Bear”) in the suburbs of New York City. I’m a lawyer and freelance writer, and I started this blog as a place to share stories, advice, and helpful hints about life as a young mom and member of our millennial generation. You’ll find a little bit of everything that a millennial mom might want to know here, including:

  • Personal finance tips – like why you should fund your 401K or an IRA and budgeting for a new baby.
  • What to expect as a new parent – what advice to keep and what to toss when it comes to maintaining your person and your sanity.
  • Baby feeding and sleeping – you’re going to get familiar with The Nap Schedule.
  • Recipes to feed a hungry family on the fly.

And much, much more.