Family Finances

At my first job out of law school, many of my young co-workers started calling me one day asking for advice when we received emails about contributing to our 401Ks. Apparently, one overheard conversation I had with a friend by the water cooler let the word out that I knew something about personal finance. I don’t think I knew anything special, but I did learn the basics at a young age. In these posts I lay out what you need to know as a single twentysomething, when you decide to get engaged or get married, and what happens when a baby enters the picture when it comes to your wallet and your bank account. Credit where credit is due – there are plenty of links to other resources in these posts!



Personal Finance for Millennials

  • Why you should fund a 401K or IRA early.
  • Budgeting for now and the future.
  • Using finance apps to your advantage.
  • Shopping smart.


Mingling Finances

  • When and why you should merge your bank account with your partner’s.
  • Credit cards as a duo.



Your Baby and Your Bank Account

  • Budgeting while pregnant.
  • Budgeting with a new baby.
  • Saving for baby’s future.



Feeding a Family on a Budget

  • Meal planning for new baby while pregnant.
  • Shopping strategies with a newborn.
  • Quick and easy snacks for nursing moms.
  • Cooking vs. prepared food vs. takeout.



Links will go live when posts on each topic are published. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to read about!



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